Youth Employment for Participants

A comprehensive youth program for eligible youth, ages 14-24, who face barriers to education, training, and employment, and who reside in Big Horn, Carbon, Stillwater, Sweet Grass, or Yellowstone Counties. The ultimate goals of the program are for the client to complete secondary school and obtain diploma or equivalent; AND enroll in a post-secondary education placement; OR obtain un-subsidized employment.

For more information (including eligibility, services, and application)

Visit the state website at MT Youth Employment Program; call an HRDC case manager at (406) 247-4732; visit the Youth Program offices at 3116 1st Avenue North, Billings, MT 59101, or download the application below:

Summer Youth Employment & Training


Please go to our Youth Employment tab to learn about our year long program.

The Summer Youth Employment and Training program is designed to provide low-income youth the opportunity to work during the summer months and receive job-readiness training, soft skills, and work experience all while getting paid.

Who is eligible?

The Summer Youth Employment and Training Program is for low-income youth ages 14-17, who are income eligible and have little, no, or spotty work experience.

What services will I receive?

Below is a listing of all activities that may be provided by the Summer Youth Employment and Training Program:

  • Summer employment opportunities directly linked to academic and occupational learning;
  • Paid work experiences;
  • Leadership development opportunities, which may include such activities as positive social behavior and soft skills, decision making, team work and other activities;
  • Supportive services;
  • Comprehensive guidance and counseling, as well as referrals to counseling, as appropriate to the needs of the individual youth.

What is expected of me?

Actively participate. Be on time. Speak up if you get in a jam. Strive for positive references.

Where can I expect to work?

We have contracted with several nonprofit agencies and local businesses for youth to gain employment experience. Through the generosity of our work experience sites, we have provided youth work opportunities in the fields of mechanics, health care, clerical, social services, animal care and construction, just to name a few.

How do I apply?

Call (406) 247-4732, or email: us with any questions.

Youth Employment Work Experience Site

Youth Employment Work Experience Sites provide participants with work opportunities to develop skills, knowledge, and work behaviors to increase their employ-ability. Youth can work for a government, nonprofit, or for-profit employer.

How does my business become a Youth Experience Site?

Contact Youth Program Staff at (406) 247-4732

The paperwork is minimal and takes only a few minutes to complete.

What is expected of a Youth Experience Site?

Sites provide mentoring, supervision and on-the-job training for youth ages 14-24. Site supervisors are expected to provide direct supervision at all times to youth.

What are the benefits of becoming a Youth Experience Site?

Your expertise is invaluable to shedding insight and providing practical application opportunities for our youth to explore professions of choice. In exchange for your mentorship and supervision, HRDC removes a payroll hardship from you by providing funding to cover wages, workers compensation and FICA for work experience participants. In addition, we host a number of soft-skills training opportunities for the youth, match them with a profession they have an interest in, and act as a liaison between you and the youth for the more difficult conversations.

At what point can I hire my Youth participant?

You are encouraged to hire your participant at anytime. The ultimate goal of our program is to move the youth into unsubsidized employment.

What if my participant isn’t working out?

Youth Case Managers act as liaisons between youth and Youth Experience Site Supervisors to address issues such as: when a participant does not show up for work or when there are other problems related to the participant’s performance at the job site. We implement a progressive disciplinary policy for youth in the program and ask that you contact us before suspending or terminating employment.

For more information

Call (406) 247-4732 or Email

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