Over 1000 Community Action Agencies, state, and federal offices across the U.S. utilize a management platform referred to as Results-Oriented Management and Accountability (ROMA).  ROMA has been the national system for the identification and reporting of what the community action network does since 1994.  It is viewed as a flexible management framework for measuring the impacts and results of community action programs and services.  It was first adopted by the federal Office of Community Services as a nationwide tool for reporting the outcomes achieved by community action agencies. ROMA can also be described as a management practice that incorporates the use of outcomes into the administration, management, and operation of human services.

The “Results Oriented” element focuses on the changes that HRDC programs and services will make to improve the lives of people and the communities in which they live.  Application of the ROMA cycle including the assessment, planning, implementation of programs and services, reporting, and analysis functions are integrated into all management activities at every level of the agency to assure accountability.

HRDC utilizes the ROMA system to include rigorous data tracking, extensive fiscal controls, complete transparency, and accountability at every level of the agency focusing on self- sufficiency, family stability, and community revitalization.    The agency remains steadfast on maintaining the highest level of client services with a commitment to maintain a less than 10% administrative cost.