The Community Action Network is made up of over 1000 local community action agencies.   While each CAA is unique based on location and local focus, they all share the common goal of fighting the causes of poverty.  What makes each community action agency board of trustees truly exclusive is the tripartite structure of this governing body.  One third of the board represents local governments, one third represents low income people, and one third represents business interests of the community.  This governing structure has been in place for all CAA’s since 1968.  For agencies to remain eligible to receive CSBG, Community Service Block Grant funds, this board structure is required to fully represent the interests of the community.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for assuring that HRDC continues to effectively assess and respond to the causes and conditions of poverty in its communities, achieves anticipated family and community outcomes, and remains administratively and fiscally sound.

District 7 Board Members

  • Vera Jane He Does It – Board Chair, Big Horn County
  • Leon Pattyn – Vice Chair, Southwest Corridor Task Force
  • Troy Boucher – Board Sec/Treasurer, Boucher & Associates
  • George Real Bird III – Big Horn County Commissioner
  • James Moody – Sweet Grass County Commissioner
  • Joe Aguilar – Yellowstone County
  • John Ostlund – Yellowstone County Commissioner
  • Lara Strickland – Stillwater County
  • Mark Vinger – Montana-Dakota Utilities
  • Peggy Streeter – Yellowstone County
  • Scott Miller – Carbon County Commissioner
  • Sidney Fitzpatrick – Big Horn County Commissioner
  • Tamara Good – Riverstone Health
  • Tyrel Hamilton – Stillwater County Commissioner

Board meetings are open to the public. Community members are encouraged to attend. Call (406) 247-4710 for exact meeting dates.