Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) & Energy Share

Individuals must have adequate access to residential energy in order to heat their home and power appliances including life-saving equipment for the disabled and elderly.

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Who is eligible?

Both homeowners and renters may apply for LIHEAP and Energy Share. The amount of assistance provided is based on income eligibility, housing type, heat type, number of bedrooms, and the number of people residing in the household. Households living on fixed incomes such as Social Security Disability Insurance, Supplemental Security Income, General Assistance, Veterans Assistance, or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families may apply as well as the low-income working household.

What is the difference between LIHEAP and Energy Share?

LIHEAP pays a portion of the low-income eligible applicant’s heating bill directly to the utility provider during the heating season of Septmeber 1st through April 30th of each year. Exceptions are if your heat is included in your rent or the account is not in household member’s name, then it is paid directly to you. LIHEAP is not a loan program. Energy Share is a year-round, one-time emergency assistance loan program for eligible low-income individuals facing an energy emergency (furnace repair/replacement, utility disconnect, etc.). Energy Share is available only when all other resources have been exhausted and loans must be repaid.

When should I apply for LIHEAP?

Applications are available from September 1st through April 30.

How do I get an application?

Resource links are provided below to the application for Energy Share. You can download and print accordingly. If you do not have the ability to print an application, please call (406) 247-4778 and request an application package be mailed. Please remember to clearly provide your contact information including full name, mailing address and phone number.

What if I need help filling out the application?

You can give us a call at (406) 247-4778 or stop by the Energy Assistance building at 3116 1st Avenue North.

How long does the process take once you receive my application?

Once your application is received by HRDC LIHEAP staff, it will take an average of approximately 45 days to review, request additional information (as applicable) and approve or decline the application. During peak winter seasons, HRDC’s LIHEAP office experiences an increase in the amount of requests and therefore the review process can take longer.

Once I’m approved, how soon will my assistance become active?

Payments are retroactive back to September 1st. The State of Montana sends payments out every Thursdasy. Please give your utility vendor a few days to enter the payments into their system.

How is Energy Share part of HRDC?

Energy Share of Montana is a private non-profit working in partnership with the ten HRDC’s across the state. The HRDC’s then distribute Energy Share applications and assist in the review process.


HRDC’s Weatherization program provides energy conservation services to low-income families, to improve energy efficiency and ensure the health and safety of the household.

Who is eligible for Weatherization?

Both homeowners and renters are eligible. If you are a renter, your landlord will need to sign an access agreement before work can begin.

How are applications prioritized?

Your LIEAP application is also your Weatherization application. Once approved for LIEAP, you will automatically be added to the next Weatherization priority list for consideration.

How soon will my home be weatherized?

Once approved for Weatherization, your home will be added to the next priority list. These lists are issued two to three times per year. As long as you are eligible for LIEAP, your name will appear on each new list. Homes are listed according to degree of need. Special priority is given to older adults and disabled individuals.

During weatherization, what can I expect?

An energy auditor from HRDC will set up a time to visit with you about your home’s needs for weatherization materials. The auditor is trained to determine the most cost-effective weatherization measures for your home. He/she will make sure insulation levels are adequate, the heating system is both safe and efficient, windows and doors are adequate; provide proper air sealing and client education on energy conservation. Services also ensure a home has a proper carbon monoxide alarm and working smoke alarm.

Who does the work?

When your home is scheduled for weatherization work, either a trained crew from HRDC or an independent contractor will come to your home and install the necessary materials. Upon completion of the work an inspector from HRDC will schedule a visit to ensure all work was done properly and to your satisfaction.

Why did I only receive partial or no weatherization measures?

Weatherization workers may not be able to install all the materials you need, but they will do the most important weatherization within the dollar limits allowed. The cost and installation measures must be justified using a savings to investment ratio.

I didn’t qualify for weatherization, but I want to reduce my energy bills. What other resources are available to me?

For additional resources on how you can conserve energy please visit weatherization.org or Wx TV.

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Energy Assistance
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