The Family Forward program promotes self-sufficiency and economic independence through a strength based program of bundled services and long term case management.   The program’s success has been based on an effective pilot project demonstrating the positive impact of family engagement, long term case management, and family goal setting.


Family forward is designed to conduct a comprehensive intake assessment at entry which determines and prioritizes family needs based upon 16 meaningful life domains.

  • Employment
  • Food/Clothing
  • Adult Education
  • Physical Health
  • Mental Health
  • Transportation
  • Legal Issues
  • Natural Supports
  • Housing Safety
  • Childcare/Education
  • Child Health/Development
  • Substance Use/ Addiction
  • Financial Health
  • Life Skills
  • Healthy Outlets

The goals that are jointly set by the individual, family, and case manager are monitored, modified as required, and re-prioritized as goals are achieved.   A minimum of a 12-month commitment is required for acceptance to this program with extensions granted contingent upon progress and outcomes.    The Family Forward program addresses the belief that families and individuals are more likely to succeed when multiple barriers are addressed concurrently.  A community consortium of partnering organizations provides and receives referrals for programs and services that participants require as part of this program.   Family Forward is available to low income individuals and families in the 5 county service area.

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