At 17, Felicia had left school and was about to have a baby. She had no job and no direction. She found all of that and more when she entered Harmony House.

Felicia still remembers the first time she and her 1 year-old daughter, Miley, walked into Harmony House, the transitional living program sponsored by HRDC that provides a supportive, nurturing place to learn and grow while creating harmony in the lives of young women and their babies.

“I was really scared, I didn’t want to go at all when they first told me about it, but once we got in there we loved it.”

During her stay at Harmony House, Felicia worked with program staff to learn life skills such as budgeting, parenting skills, cooking and how to make a grocery list.

Because of the help and support she received at Harmony House, Felicia was inspired to go back to school. She is close to completing her studies to take the GED and plans to go to cosmetology school.

“I don’t know where I would be without Harmony House,’ says Felicia.

“I learned a lot and have grown up and gotten myself together. I’m doing much better and it was kind of like a wake-up call because I wasn’t working, I wasn’t going to school, I wasn’t doing anything.”

Thanks to her time at Harmony House, Felicia and Miley are on the right path towards independence.


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