Savings Program paves way for new bathroom

How do you measure success? Some people may only see a new bathroom, but Diane saw a better life for her son.

Diane, a single mom of 12 year old Damion, bought her house six years ago, and had big dreams. Like many people, there was always something more for her to take care of.

“I was going to fix this and that. But then I had to change jobs, and the pay was less,” Diane shared. “So, this and that got put on the back burner.”

Diane’s bathroom was especially problematic. Built in 1946 without modifications, it had no shower, old carpet, warped and rotting wood, and dated green tiles. Diane enrolled in the Home Repair program at HRDC and started saving. She would save $1,000 and receive a $3,000 match to update her bathroom, while taking over 18 hours of financial education classes.

“I think anyone that wants to improve themselves should take the classes that go with the program,” Diane emphasized. “The knowledge I learned has helped me become more conscious about my purchases. I realize now it is not so hard to save.”

Diane finished the program and got to work on her bathroom. A refinished tub, a new shower surround, new flooring in the bathroom and hallway, an attractive pedestal sink, a new vanity, new paint, and a new hot water heater were her rewards for her hard work and savings.

But to Diane, the program offered more than a new bathroom. She hopes it will inspire her son to have a different future. “By participating, I am now more aware of how I need to take control of my life. HRDC just gave me a boost for improving my house. The program will help me to raise my son so maybe he will not get himself in a debt bind like I did. My plan is to be debt free in four years.”