ASK directory brings social services together online

The HRDC ASK directory has been a valuable tool for the community for over 30 years, and now is a fully functioning online listing for service providers in our five county service area and beyond.

Well before the advent of the internet and Google, the ASK directory was the go-to source for the community when looking for local providers of social services. It was a valuable resource for local agencies to help refer their clients to the services they needed.

The ASK directory was developed by HRDC as a community resource tool in 1975. With the update of the HRDC website, the ASK directory moved from a printed resource to an online directory in the fall of 2012. While hosted online, the ASK directory allows for those searching to narrow their search by service type and location and allows them to print out only the listings they need.

Providers who wish to be listed on the ASK directory can submit their information electronically for review, and those already listed can easily request updates to their information in the same way. All listings on the ASK directory are pre-screened before posting to ensure the organizations listed are legitimate service providers. Still seen as a valuable resource amongst service providers and community members, HRDC continues to develop this directory with new providers and contact information.