Pathways – For Participants

The Pathways program is designed to support individuals who are receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) in their pursuit of self-sufficiency. Pathways offers opportunities for job readiness training, makes available supportive services to address client identified barriers, and provides one-on-one client advocacy.

How can I enroll in the Pathways program?

Enrollment begins at the Office of Public Assistance. Once eligible for TANF, you will automatically be referred to HRDC’s Pathways program.

Is participation in the Pathways program required in order to receive TANF funds?

Yes. Approval of your TANF benefits is dependent on meeting Pathways and other eligibility requirements determined by the Office of Public Assistance.

What is required of me?

You will be required to complete 27-33 hours of activities each week that will help you accomplish your family’s self sufficiency goals. You will need to attend Pathways meetings as scheduled and provide documentation of completed activities.

Are there supportive services available to participants?

Yes, once your TANF benefits have been authorized. Supportive services for transportation assistance, interview or work clothes and other employment tools are available on a limited basis.

What will my Client Advocate do?

Your Client Advocate will assist in negotiating activities suitable for your current job readiness needs and request supportive services on your behalf as needed. Your Client Advocate may also provide referrals to various programs, classes, and other service providers in your community.

How long can I be in the Pathways program?

You are allowed sixty months of TANF assistance nationwide during your lifetime.

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