Work Experience Programs for Employers

Work Experience Sites provide participants with work opportunities to develop skills, knowledge, and work behaviors to increase their employability. Participating businesses provide mentoring, supervision and on-the-job training.

How does my business become a work site?

The first step is to contact HRDC’s Employment and Training program staff at (406) 247-4732 to learn about the different types of work experience. The Case Manager will then provide you with minimal paperwork that takes only a few minutes to complete.

Is there a cost to my business?

No, but there is an investment of your time in providing direct supervision and your business must be in compliance with the Americans with Disability Act (ADA).

What are the benefits?

Work sites are a great way to give back to your community and to someone in need of acquiring work skills to increase their employability. In exchange for your mentorship we ensure there is no increase in your payroll. In addition, each participant comes with a Case Manager, who will act as a liaison when there are performance issues.

How long can a participant work at my business?

In some cases, participants are required to work between 20-40 hours per week. Length of time varies from 700 hours up to 6 months depending upon the type of program the individual is participating in.

At what point can I hire the participant?

You are encouraged to offer a paid position at anytime. The goal is to provide the participant a natural transition from an assistance program to entering competitive, unsubsidized, employment.

Which employers are participating as Work Experience Sites?

Here are a few employers who have participated in the past:

For more information

Call (406) 247-4732 (Billings) / (406) 665-2523 (Hardin) or Email


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